Periodontal diseases

Dr. Huba Papp – Haris Dentistry Budapest

Parodontal (periodontal) disorder is an endemic: besides caries, it counts as the main source of tooth loss. A disease of adulthood, its occurrence is drastically intensified with age. People aged 30-40 can already witness serious complaints, women especially more frequently.

The periodontal disease develops surreptitiously and is very rarely accompanied by pain, unlike caries. Though not a conspicuous symptom, gum bleeding may occur at times. Movable,wobbly teeth are signs of telltale periodontal degeneration. An untreated disease may lead to loss of more - even all - teeth.

As soon as any periodontal disease can be suspected, it is crucial that we see our dentist! There are countless ways s/he can treat and stop our gum- and periodontal degeneration and prevent the loss of our teeth.

What are the causes of periodontal diseases:

  • most frequent reason: plaque and tartar covering the teeth (bad oral hygiene), lack of plaque removal
  • improper diet: hectic – and carbonhydrate-rich meals
  • hormonal reasons (pregnancy, critical age)
  • abnormal teeth, teeth congestion, bite disfunctions
  • illnesses (diabetes, metabolic- or immune diseases etc.)
  • smoking, alcohol
  • drugs (immune suppressants, chemotherapeutic drugs, etc.)
  • stress
  • bruxism (tooth grinding)
  • mouth breathing
  • suppressed emotions, agression, lack of self-confidence
  • other (tongue- or lip piercing)


  • oedemic, swollen gum
  • gum bleeding
  • bad breath
  • lost gingival bonding, bags
  • receding gums
  • teeth becoming sensitive to cold, warmth, sweet or touch
  • chewing sensitivity
  • tooth losening, tooth loss

Prevention and treatment

  1. thorough oral hygiene: proper use of tooth brush, floss and interdental brush
  2. dental check twice annually, professional oral hygienic cleaning (approx. 1 hour)
  3. regular and healthy diet (See: Lifestyle recommendations for periodontal patients)
  4. giving up harmful habits (smoking!), removal of piercings
  5. treatment and cure of bruxim (tooth grinding during sleep)
  6. correct breathing (through the nose instead of the mouth)
  7. dealing with spiritual factors (self-knowledge, relaxation, yoga, therapeutical help etc.)
  8. oil pulling
  9. homeopathy
  10. antroposofic medicines, injection cures
  11. herbal mouth rinsing: walnut leaf, sage, tormentil root (Potentilla erecta), propolis
  12. keeping limbs (especially the feet) warm; never go to bed with cold feet